Our Story

Lucki’s Cheesecakes is a family owned and operated business. We began in 2005, as the brainchild of then 15 year-old Lucki Word. During the company’s inception, Word was driven to create a business to support her mother, Rhonda. At the time, Rhonda was working 3 jobs, one of which included cleaning “chitterlings,” just to make ends meet.

During Christmas 2005, Lucki was unable to afford a gift for her mother and decided instead to make one of her favorite deserts: cheesecake. Lucki used a cheesecake recipe she learned from her grandfather, and thus, crafted a creation which would forever shape her life! After a cousin tasted Lucki’s cheesecake and suggested that “this cake is so good, you should sell it,” Lucki decided to turn her hobby into a functional business!

As Lucki’s business began to blossom, Rhonda decided to take the ultimate leap of faith, turning Lucki’s home-based pastime into a brick and mortar bakery! Now 15 years and 2 locations later, Lucki’s Cheesecakes has not only changed the lives of both Lucki and Rhonda, but has also touched thousands of faithful customers!

At Lucki’s Cheesecakes we create the finest desserts, made with the highest quality of ingredients. We use the best, because family deserves the best!

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